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The Barrie and District Board History 




The Barrie Board of Basketball Referees got its start in the early 1960ís.  The original executive consisted of Bill McAleer, President/Interpreter; Nick Owen, VP/Treasurer; Marr Ross, Secretary and Larry Deneau, Assigner.  The board has grown from a handful of officials in the 1960ís to a group of close to sixty officials in 2009.

 Geographically the Barrie & District Board of Basketball Officials, (BDABO) covers games across Simcoe County from Tottenham,  Collingwood, Midland, Orillia, Barrie and several other small communities.  In pre-computer days, long distance telephone bills where the greatest expense for the assignor.  Our current assigner, Chester Graham was instrumental in moving the board to using a website.  Clearly Chester still relies on the tutelage of previous assignors: Larry Deneau, Ed Holochuk, Ralph May and Ted Richards. 

Of the original executive meeting only Larry Deneau continues to officiate high school games.  Bill McAleer remains on the executive as our elementary school assigning officer.  Nick Owen in partnership with Bill McAleer run a Sunday recreational league for women in Barrie.  Tragically, Marr Ross, while enjoying retirement and volunteering at OFSSA track & field died June 1999.   Marrís contribution to the growth and development of the board was greatly appreciated.

In the 1980ís Brigg Harvey assumed the role of President of the BDABO and for over twenty years  guided the board.

Over the years a number of our officials have represented the BDABO at the college, and university level.  Rich Foshay, Bill McAleer, Brigg Harvey and Sean McManemy in the past have received national appointments.

In 2008, Brigg Harvey,  stepped down as President of  BDABO and Jerry Goodeill long time official with the board assumed the role of President. 

The BDABO has a rich traditional of strong officiating across the province and is committed to developing new officials to officiate basketball games at all levels.

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